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The Full Story Foundation

The Full Story Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation designed to inform the public about critical issues that traditional media outlets are either unwilling or unable to pursue.  These in-depth features focus on subjects ranging from corruption in government and media, threats to national security, and human rights violations.

Full Story creates content that emphasizes truth and accuracy in news and information.  These features are delivered as documentaries and films, long-form reporting, television specials and short informational segments designed for web and social media use.  While the primary focus is on news and information, the Foundation also distributes features that highlight the American spirit and document historical events.  


The Dark Wire Foundation

The genesis of Dark Wire came from the overwhelming amount of news not covered by traditional news outlets. 

Dark Wire seeks to expose, cover and report on these topics which are currently underserved. From border wars and opioid abuse, to under reported conflicts around the world the Dark Wire will bring you information and coverage you will not get anywhere else.

Dark Wire was founded by Sara A. Carter, an award winning National Security correspondent. The mission is to expose the truth and train young aspiring journalists and videographers to tell those stories. 

Not In Vein is just the beginning and we look forward to teaming up with other like minded institutions to bring light to the news and stories people want, and ​need​ to hear.